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Night Watch SamplePack #1 (uncut)

uploaded: Wed, Oct 5, 2005 @ 6:38 PM
byAntony Raijekov
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Original samples of rhodes, double bass, vibraphone and steel guitar
in mp3 and midi. All samples are “prima-vista” played,so there may be faults,
also the samples/loops are not cutted. I hope they will be usefull…
they are not from my song or other, it`s special recorded to

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /Antony_Raijekov-Night_Watch_SamplePack-SteelGuitar(90bpm).mp3 (4.17Mb)
  • /Antony_Raijekov-Night_Watch_SamplePack-SteelGutar.mid (3.50Kb)
  • /Antony_Raijekov-Night_Watch_SamplePack-Rhodes.mid (2.87Kb)
  • /Antony_Raijekov-Night_Watch_SamplePack-Vibraphone.mid (2.94Kb)
  • /Antony_Raijekov-Night_Watch_SamplePack-Vibraphone(90bpm).mp3 (4.41Mb)
  • /Antony_Raijekov-Night_Watch_SamplePack.nfo (2.01Kb)
  • /Antony_Raijekov-Night_Watch_SamplePack-Rhodes.mp3 (4.15Mb)
  • /Antony_Raijekov-Night_Watch_SamplePack-Double_Bass-2.mid (291)
  • /Antony_Raijekov-Night_Watch_SamplePack-Double_Bass-3.mid (420)
  • /Antony_Raijekov-Night_Watch_SamplePack-Double_Bass-1.mid (3.93Kb)
  • /Antony_Raijekov-Night_Watch_SamplePack-Double_Bass(90bpm).mp3 (5.74Mb)
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"Night Watch SamplePack #1 (uncut)"
by Antony Raijekov

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