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teru's Bass Pack

uploaded: Wed, Jun 7, 2006 @ 3:33 AM

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  • /Bass Pack/088_C#_WaveTheory_LookToTheStars_Bass.wav (260.55KB)
  • /Bass Pack/091_G_fourstones_DeepDown_Bass.wav (496.04KB)
  • /Bass Pack/100_C#-MarcoRaaphorst_CombiManifesto1_FatSynthBass.wav (728.70KB)
  • /Bass Pack/100_E_DJ_Synder_GlitchyBassRiff.wav (823.07KB)
  • /Bass Pack/104_B_teru_AllINeed_Bass.wav (800.04KB)
  • /Bass Pack/112_E_AntonyRaijekov_NightWatch_Bass.wav (266.54KB)
  • /Bass Pack/125_A_shagrugge_FreedomFighters-BassRoll.wav (171.79KB)
  • /Bass Pack/LICENSE.TXT (576)

"teru's Bass Pack"
by ccMixStar Sample Packs

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