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Deep Whale Adagio - Whale Song

uploaded: Mon, May 3, 2021 @ 11:24 AM
byWhale Wizard
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This unusually long whale song, recorded on 14 January 2014, was sung by a male Humpback, who was singing significantly lower and slower than what has been observed to be normal. These deep, low, slow notes created natural delay — utilizing the acoustical properties of the depths of the ocean floor. At such low resonance, the lowest Oscar has ever recorded, the melodic phrases carried farther in the water.

There were no other boats but Oscar’s in Banderas Bay when he recorded this emotive whale ballad. The solo male Humpback sang from the depths of his lungs for nearly 32 minutes until eventually he was joined by another whale —- and together they rose to the surface water column, and began a journey to search for other whales.

The song that is Deep Whale Adagio is transformative, filled with pleading soulfulness.

Download the FLAC file here.

Deep Whale Adagio Commentary HERE.

"Deep Whale Adagio - Whale Song"
by Whale Wizard

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