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World Below (One Day)

uploaded: Wed, Aug 11, 2021 @ 6:35 AM last modified: Wed, Aug 11, 2021 @ 6:37 AM  (add)
FeaturingSnowflake & Whale Wizard
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With luv from Hamburg

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems01

  • /BASS Ed Precijs an der Slapjes.flac (1.63MB)
  • /BASS Generated Boof.flac (2.52MB)
  • /BASS Schrabbe.flac (2.92MB)
  • /BASS Simple - Pop That Pimple.flac (2.06MB)
  • /BASS Slap'n'Add - Add.flac (4.63MB)
  • /BASS Slap'n'Add - Slap.flac (3.21MB)
  • /BRASS Trombones & Horns.flac (2.59MB)
  • /FX Deep Whale Adagio.flac (4.41MB)
  • /FX Zap.flac (82.18KB)
  • /GRP Drums.flac (15.36MB)
  • /GUIT Campfire.flac (2.92MB)
  • /GUIT Strat Delay.flac (2.87MB)
  • /GUIT Strat.flac (4.02MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems02

  • /KEY Chord Sup DX7.flac (2.10MB)
  • /PAD Chord Hi.flac (5.71MB)
  • /PAD Generated.flac (3.23MB)
  • /PAD Growling Shapeshifter.flac (4.04MB)
  • /PAD Intro Paddle.flac (2.26MB)
  • /PAD Jupiter Glass.flac (5.14MB)
  • /PAD Not Generated.flac (5.62MB)
  • /PAD SphericalObject.flac (3.45MB)
  • /STRINGS Cello Solo.flac (1.82MB)
  • /STRINGS Ensemble.flac (8.94MB)
  • /STRINGS Pattern.flac (3.13MB)
  • /STRINGS Violine Solo.flac (1.97MB)
  • /STRINGS Violins & Violas.flac (2.57MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems03

  • /SYN Bimmel.flac (1.97MB)
  • /SYN Bommel.flac (3.74MB)
  • /SYN Chord Holz Att.flac (4.26MB)
  • /SYN ChordrHonkr.flac (3.53MB)
  • /SYN Peter was here.flac (3.93MB)
  • /VOX BVox Harmo.flac (5.90MB)
  • /VOX BVox.flac (10.23MB)

"World Below (One Day)"
by 7OOP3D

2021 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

With love from Hamburg, 700P3D inspires us with an awesomely spatial instrumental featuring Whale Wizard and Snowflake. Enjoy this epic musical journey.