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Hold On (Now)

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Since pondering this project, I’ve come to realize how much all life is more alike than different. All of us breathe, eat, eliminate and pass on. We all experience pain and perhaps some of us dream a dream of harmony. Thanks for listening.

Hold On (Now)

No real difference
You and me
Blood and water
Eyes to see

Raise your head
To sky and sunrise
Beauty’s never dead
To spirit deep inside

So hold on
Been brothers so long
Open your hand
A new dream began

And it’s here and now

No real difference
In our sleep
Infants follow
A gentle flock of sheep

Raise your head
Mother speaks with the clouds
Creation says
Embrace my life, my sound

Hold on
Time passes on
All turns to sand
Back where we began

So be here and now
Stay here somehow
Here and now

Hold on
Your sister’s not gone
Soul understands
The circle has no end

Be here and now
Stay here somehow
Here and now

"Hold On (Now)"
by Snowflake

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Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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