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Militia Mix Samples Library 03

uploaded: Tue, Dec 14, 2004 @ 2:40 PM

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /OS-33. Vox-No Glory.wav (525.35kb)
  • /OS-34. Vox-No Jail time.wav (410.16kb)
  • /OS-35. Vox-No Singing Voices.wav (387.12kb)
  • /OS-36. Vox-No Stars.wav (387.12kb)
  • /OS-37. Vox-Two Letters.wav (377.90kb)
  • /L-21. Synth-pad.wav (1.38MB)
  • /L-22. Piano-solo.wav (1.38MB)
  • /L-23. Horns-intro.wav (1.15MB)
  • /L-24. Screech.wav (460.29kb)
  • /L-25. F_X.wav (460.29kb)
  • /L-26. F_X 2.wav (690.38kb)
  • /L-27. F_X 3.wav (920.47kb)
  • /L-28. Shaker.wav (460.29kb)
  • /OS-29. Vox- No.wav (935.47kb)
  • /OS-30. Vox-No Body Guards.wav (258.12kb)
  • /OS-31. Vox-No Dumb looks.wav (175.15kb)
  • /OS-32. Vox-No Gas Ups.wav (382.51kb)

"Militia Mix Samples Library 03"
by Chuck D. feat Fine Arts Militia

2004 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Noncommercial Sampling Plus

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