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...lectric piano and a synthetic sound of engine done in the vst synth arturia pigments by importing a sample of mine, which i am very
...nd as someone who's learning how to imagine a different experience for myself, i thought to practice writing and singing affirmative
...ous. you never stop learning... so back to her - is is a poem? think i'll call it a speech from here on. the next thing i learned wa
... how i'm built. the learning process outweighs the small technical mistakes. ,sample,media,bpm_125_130,attribution,audio,mp3,44k,ste
... this is a steep learning curve for me as i have always played guitar with a plectrum anyway maybe you will be able to use
the hag with the money/o'keefe's slide me learning how to play irish jigs on a mandolin. no click track so don't know the bpm. recorded o...
...version was quite a learning process, and rather difficult. therefore, some filenames don't indicate the extension of the original.
slip away what's different about this track are the drum tracks. generated via machine learning using a model i trained for 12 hours agai...
...rman. as a machine learning model, i do not have the ability to experience emotions such as love like humans do. i am a program tha
...titude for language learning and are able to pick up on subtle cues in the language that you are hearing, even if you are not consci
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learning4 learning4
...e’s interested in learning about the features of pet-friendly vacuums, then shares buying tips and reviews of best vacuum cleaners
...those interested in learning more about cbd, including product information, videos, growing tips, growing plants and other useful co
learningmore learningmore
microteklearning microteklearning
inlearning inlearning
anchorlearning1 anchorlearning1
elearning101 elearning101
... made of leather or synthetic. a leather shoe requires more maintenance with leather balsam to keep the shoe soft. if this is follow
mackaylearninglibraries mackaylearninglibraries
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experiment prevent contaminating by handwashing learning 4.0 tech
learning to edit videos: do you ever hannah_da_masta
learning to fly - #23 villasbuenas (mini video) jesus marcos
machine learning human life - episode i patrick
sudden oak death: battling an invasive disease the pacific coast science and learning center
iclone dance animation - learning to fly
unlock your potential with sfu work integrated learning serge khm
unlock your potential with sfu work integrated learning on vimeo serge khm
better learning through youtube cameron williamson
reading deeply: a sociocultural approach to an audio-visual 'text' - ict enhanced learning - hazel owen
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... your comment about learning cello amusing...its taken me several decades to learn anything about that mysterious instrument. cheers
...wn: i'm pretty much learning how to play the violin in public. show me how it's done! great, cause i'm learning about more :) [up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'the hag with the money/o'keefe's slide' by 'speck' and that's you learning? that's impressive. and a nice clean recording, ver...
review of 'pollinators' by 'snowflake' you've officially made learning the coolest thing ever. can someone please pitch this to nat geo??...
...s, guitars, voices, synthetic sounds and at the end, create this imaginary world of blue color. bravo ![up][/up][up][/up][up][/up]
.... let us never stop learning, never stop creating, never stop growing...]
review of 'for paddy' by 'darkroom' i remember learning about paddy in a world music class i took at cal state channel islands.[up][/up][...
review of 'love will be' by 'mykleanthony' there's always a learning moment when i listen to your work. sometimes very subtle then others...
review of 'synthetic obsessions' by 'underson' delicious and very interesting! thank you![up][/up]
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...m in the process of learning several sound environment type languages, including chuck and wcnt. that said, i know there are seve
... intimidated by the learning curve on a lot of the "pro" software out there. i really like garageband's interface, but it's too l
learning more about remixing hey, all. if anyone has heard what i have on the site so far, you are aware that i am indeed, a newbie. i...
..., expanding-sharing-learning... and meant to get people back into the art scene, or let them know that producing and showing art doe
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