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During a round of golf, your feet are the part of the body that is exposed to the greatest wear and tear (this is if you are one of those who choose to go the 18 holes) and therefore we also believe that it is the most important part of the golf equipment you need to perform On the golf course.
Sam Snead, one of the best golfers in the world in the 1930s - 1960s, sometimes played without golf shoes, by today’s golfer, Charles Howell III will sometimes work without golf shoes to counteract an excessive rotation of the lower body.
There is no rule saying it is forbidden to play without golf shoes but the golf’s ethical rules would probably not like it.

Today’s golf shoes try to utilize and support the foot’s natural movements. The key to making golf shoes is to make the foot and shoe function as a unit to optimize the power transmission.
Most of today’s models are looking sideways through the use of thermoplastic urethane (TPU) both internally and externally, as well as the manufacturers’ pursuit of stability in the heel section, so as not to create an instability in the rotation during the golf course.
To get help with the technology in the shoes, it’s important that you, like golfers, tie the shoes properly, because if you get stuck with it, your foot will slip around in shoe and stability will be gone.
The development of the golf shoes is steadily advancing, while all suppliers mean they have the shoes that make them have the shoes that have the best comfort, durability, water tightness and twisting stability.
So what should I think about finding the shoes that suit my needs?
If you are a player who sees your golf as an important recreational activity, you should invest some money in the shoes you buy, play several times a week, so your feet will spend many hours in the golf shoes. The golf shoes will be one of several decisive Factors to make you feel comfortable and improve your game.
There are some differences on the shoes after all, it is not all shoes that have the technology we describe above.
Another important difference is whether shoes are made of leather or synthetic. A leather shoe requires more maintenance with leather balsam to keep the shoe soft. If this is followed then shoe will be stretched and shaped after your foot. The skins have a good breathability.
A synthetic shoe, on the other hand, retains the shape it has in the beginning and thus does not conform to the foot, the advantage of synthetic shoe is that they are lighter, they do not draw water and are more flexible and durable than the skins are.
In addition, they hold the original shape.
As for what’s best, it’s an issue that’s hard to answer, it’s simply very individual what kind of shoe fits best.

In recent years, so-called LoPro golferine shoes have become more common, these look like regular shoes but are adapted to play on the golf course.
These shoes have solid spikes under the sole that you do not have to replace. There are models that are aimed at players who want a more comfortable and sportier golf shoes.
They are designed with the same superior shock absorption and delightful comfort as sports shoes off the golf course.
When it comes to your spikes on golf shoes, it’s one of the most important things you have to maintain during the season, if you choose not to replace your spikes, they will be worn out and your grip in the swing will be lost.
In addition, when your spikes are worn, it becomes very difficult to remove from your shoes.
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