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Dear Huey (Epic)

uploaded: Tue, Apr 16, 2024 @ 9:12 AM last modified: Tue, Apr 16, 2024 @ 9:15 AM  (add)
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Long song, long description…

I wanted to try hard techno. Once again Apoxode’s Lofi Sound Pack had exactly the type of kick and snare drum I was looking for. Added another kick from another (free usable) sample pack. And a wild journey begun…

Of course I wanted to add acid again. Once again I used Ableton’s Analog plugin. Together with tons of effects. Some mangled rhythmic parts from Ableton’s stock are added, too.

Looking for some nice vocals Suzi Q. Smith popped up again after more than a decade of absence. Bamm, “Dear Huey” arose in my mind. I read her profile page the first time and found out that she is quite famous. You never stop learning… So back to her - is is a poem? Think I’ll call it a speech from here on. The next thing I learned was who Huey is. Maybe I have heard his name back in school? We did of course learn something about USA’s history in Germany and I’m pretty sure that the Black Panthers were part of that. If so, I have forgotten everything about him.

If you want to know more about his life, wikipedia might be a good starting point. I am not sure if I would praise him the same way Suzi does. But she did and I like her speech. First I extracted just a couple of words, but pretty soon I felt the urge to add the whole speech and so I did.

This made the song way longer. Splitting the speech into stanzas also did not help to make it any shorter… Last but not least I added a sligthly modified sequence of the acid bass line - without distortion to accompany the speech.

But there was another question. Should I - being caucasian - use this speech? Expressing my concerns on X telling that I am working with her speech I got a “like” , so I hope this is ok.

Maybe a “dance” version will follow without the speech. We will see. I like the song the way it is.

"Dear Huey (Epic)"
by musikpirat

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