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A Violent Handshake

uploaded: Sun, Mar 31, 2024 @ 6:57 AM last modified: Sun, Mar 31, 2024 @ 7:04 AM  (add)
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Sometimes, I know just enough music theory to be dangerous, but not enough to actually explain what I’m doing in a way that other musicians would understand. So while I understand my intervals well enough to build those opening arpeggios with some degree of intent, I couldn’t actually tell you what those chords are called with any degree of confidence.

(Seventh chords with a raising flat fifth? Does that makes sense? Am I using those words right?)

So while the chord pattern doesn’t change, the other parts aren’t just floating over top, but rather the arrangement moves around to create distinct sections. It’s a minimalist approach, one I learned from (you guessed it) Boards of Canada.

( Watch the VOD)

Of course, I think the mix undermines it a bit. I kinda ran out of time. You’d think I’d consider it a mistake to make music slightly out of my league, with a time limit, in front of an audience, but I’ll totally do it again. That’s how I’m built. The learning process outweighs the small technical mistakes.

"A Violent Handshake"
by jaspertine

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