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send me fresh eyes synths and piano by gurdonark, beats by me. there's a video (more of a slide show really) if you're interested: [ur...
from gurd to nark this rising secret mixter my assignment was gurdonark. the main theme of this track is coming from his onyx inertia i...
eyes eyes is a relaxing track, with mwic and gurdonark fields recordings, how could i resist ? down tempo, 80s' sounds (fairlight!!!), ...
... french on duo with gurdonark, good listen...if you take other project see links[url=
light and dark thanks to gurdonark for the source material! fast and slow. loud and quiet. light and dark. yin and yang ,media,secret...
...h a thin layer from gurdonark's snow geese at the hargerman wildlife preserve. adding a repetative deep bass sound which perfectly
the foundation sounds from gurdonark vox from team smile and nod sorry, couldn't quite get rid of the artefacts ,media,remix,bpm_10...
...s and beats, synth gurdonark - synths kara square - vocals many thanks to all. correction: oops, i must have mixed up two f
...mixture i was given gurdonark. i found his poem fried pies and thought it would fit nicely in these interesting times. ,media,secret
... scomber - vocals gurdonark - hanging bells ,media,remix,ccplus,bpm_080_085,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,cbr,flac,48k,vbr,d
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...ributions. host; gurdonark
.../]gurdonark[/url]. the call for 'white cube remixes' is based on their own samples and did inspire
thomas_nunnally_ensemble thomas_nunnally_ensemble verian thomas and robert nunnally (gurdonark) comprise the thomas nunnally ensemble. to...
...fected) - etherdust/gurdonark nothing to lose - tacet/djblue moon man - kcentric/ronan tyrrell/ashwan space in time - shockshadow
gurdonark gurdonark non-musician ambient music creator. i am perhaps the least musical of the mixters. i have a great deal of fun. i...
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"cubic white" by texasradiofish (feat. sackjo22, gurdonark, pitx) commons flix
the amplitude of gurdonark seahue
the amplitude of gurdonark seahue
gurdonark - onyx inertia podcast, episode two | mixcloud - re-think radio gurdonark
white cube(watching ideas hang) by speck ft sackjo22, gurdonark medicineman2414
mandolin love.wmv gurdonark
on the move on vimeo gurdonark
gurdonark - freedom (techno plano mix) | uwe hermann uwe hermann
bees! gurdonark
gurdonark - forgotten dreams (feat. c. reider) difterija
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review of 'dream of electronica sheep' by 'gurdonark' cool! you put my drones to good use here!
review of 'somebody is falling in love' by 'gurdonark' i like the backing here to the 'pella--just the right amount, you refrain from goi...
review of 'the rebellion goes on' by 'gurdonark' "nobody hears anyone--and the rebellion plods on and on"---great setting for a forceful ...
review of 'all these colors ft scomber' by 'gurdonark' i love the energy in this piece--really forceful and fun. the vocal sample spoke t...
review of 'dreaming of ambience' by 'gurdonark' lovely ambient/chill instrumental.
review of 'music (makes us one)' by 'gurdonark' excellent lyrics, strong 'pella and a solid mix
...g that you included gurdonark too for extra emphasis. alive!!! yes, we must celebrate we are still alive and breathing. great mi
review of 'dreaming apoxode' by 'gurdonark' i love the use of spoken word here, and the way the mix feels rich and alive.
review of 'hourglass malretyrium' by 'gurdonark' that's really good. really smooth.
review of 'imagining imaginal' by 'gurdonark' powerful and effective. i particularly like the singing bowls.
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...dden faces normal gurdonark plastic love tool sekret one lifeless eye dystonia ek jeff hill kthe 3am sighup it shows only "gurdonark" and "by" remixes. is there a way to do this, so that i can send him a link that shows only my attr]gurdonark[/url], [url=]dj rkod[/url], [url=
... "page", it says: "gurdonark has 118 remixes and has been remixed 80 times". it would be cool if the "80 times" were a link to a di
... happen to be teru, gurdonark, and cdk. i think it might be cool to show that teru gave me a 3, gurdo gave me a 5, and cdk gave me a
...clicked from one of gurdonark's tracks): the error: "fatal error: cannot redeclare cla
new nsi release: gurdonark's "tallgrass canticle" hello all: this post announces the creative commons free download release of my new ...
...t up -- artist: gurdonark title: a texas christmas holiday with zikweb travel format: downloadable e.p. url: http://www.neg
a tribute to gurdonark by phoebus here are 4 tracks inspired by the genius of gurdonark. you can find them at:]gurdonark [/url]([b]picked:[/b] [url=]if[/url]) [url=http:/
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gurdonark longing
white cube -- highlights spoken_word,ambient,pop,chill,trip_hop,downtempo,ram_gallery,gurdonark,sackjo22 highlights from the white cube r...
onyx_inertia, episode 3 chill,gurdonark,instrumental a podcast focused on electronica and the tangible tang of something a tad different....
gurdonark's collection (10)
gurdonark's collection (9)
gurdonark's collection (8)
onyx inertia podcast, episode 2 ambient,downtempo,creative,commons,gurdonark,instrumental,onyx,inertia join host gurdonark for an excursi...
gurdonark's collection (7)
gurdonark's collection (6)
... your intrepid host gurdonark