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For Beautiful Days

uploaded: Sat, Jan 20, 2024 @ 11:15 AM
FeaturingGurdonark, june11, Puie &The Lovely Ladies
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Why is it that most of the news reported is always bad. Do we really live in such a negative atmosphere that whether we like it or not we are submerged under dark waters?

I have taken june11’s spoken word and added the whistles of Puie before offering the sung translated words (Translated by Old Dog) to the harmonic drone from Gurdonark and the voices of the lovely ladies.

It’s a beautiful day
there haven’t been any disasters
I’m both here and not here
I find just the right tempo
the right tempo - slow, un-tragically beautiful
it gives me pleasure
I dream
I’m both here and not here
I dance in perfect time
I’m on a journey, travelling
I do not lose time by hurrying
I stroll and float
in my love, in my song
in just the right tempo
it’s a beautiful day

"For Beautiful Days"
by Radioontheshelf

2024 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (4.0)

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