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another beautiful day

uploaded: Sun, Apr 28, 2024 @ 12:44 AM
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so the email read
Your mixup assignment is: Radioontheshelf
and my immediate reaction was
Radioontheshelf: sophisticated sounds, great singing, top lyrics — and no stems.

I considered downloading some stem software and extracting stems, but the idea didn`t really appeal to me. So I listened and listened until something took shape. I looped a simple phrase from “Washed by Rain” which is the bedrock for this track. Added some very beautiful choral extracts from “Great Escape.”
Above all I wanted to feature Radio`s vocals, and with a slight tweak of the tuning, found a way to do this, using vocals from “For Beautiful Days.” I reinforced the basic loop with the behringer crave and introduced the question from “Embracing the barren.”

It took me a few days to try things out,to get it to sound right for my ears, and then the deed was done!
I hope it finds favour.

"another beautiful day"
by martinsea

2024 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (4.0)

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