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bike rust has caught up on my bike it's too old now, it runs well though, i also go for a hike.... its gears are good, there's no problem... if i h...
...uckandc1951 "our cities must fight" and radio and television address to the ameri
christmas time is here christmas time is here ... in less than two minutes this is a frankensteined cut and paste remix that built upon 4 bar sampl...
...tion in tattered cities the young look on with disbelieving the future lays amongst the rubble as the people are leaving the
b o s s p i d g e i struggled in writing lyrics or even a theme for the backing track because it isn't what i'd normally sing over - it's meant for t...
all over again [stems] [green]- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -[/green] [b]production & vocals[/b] shaun wiseman [b]brass & kaossilator[/b] brad ...
no you damn worry anchor wrote the words and shared them with me, and i immediately heard music that reminded me of the album "my life in the bush of ...
they wanted to dance they wanted to fly they wanted to dance they wanted to fly the cities are full of the young and displaced who...
... same time ukranian cities are being destroyed by these countries missiles. innocent people have no time for games. they are too b
ex directory there was a time when lovers would send messages to each other, carried by young children. later there would be the royal mail that woul...
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martha_macias martha_macias
dennismartez dennismartez
doropibi doropibi harsini was on the rampage. reece was looking studiously at the table while davis and christian were fidgeting with their pens. cole...
martinss martinss
vinsmartcityy vinsmartcityy
caosangdecal123 caosangdecal123 [b]c gắn ợc kha smartkey cho dng xe sirius hay khng?[/b] trớc y kha smartkey ợc bi...
smartraven smartraven
martycass martycass
martyvids martyvids
homessmart homessmart
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le-6-cose-che-la-smart-city-pu%c3%b2-insegnare-allindustria-del-vino-a1010 the digital wine
eutonie bungen - anleitung mit schwerpunkt nacken, brustkorb und bws martina kress
ninjamming during the spring lockdown | podcasts martin cee
the name is | podcasts martin cee
timelaps of stars and milkiway || shot on a smartphone arnab chatterjee
episode 17 – round table of relevance! | sequential smarter sequential smarter
episode 13 – star wars: dark empire | sequential smarter sequential smarter
episode 1.11 – special edition! | sequential smarter sequential smarter
miniature smarties packaging plant - lab research prototype on vimeo robikovacs
macally smartphone cupholder mount review rachel jallits
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review of 'alchemist apprentice' by 'texasradiofish' clever analogy between medieval chemical philosophy of transmutation and changing personal pain i...
review of 'good long life ahead' by 'apoxode' wonderful! smart and witty fun, across between tom lehrer and eric idle :) [up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'why do i love you' by 'apoxode' sweet! smart and edgy, with a driven force, excellent sequencing and levels :) [up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'i breathe' by 'spinningmerkaba' what are the chances? these synchronicities are what make secret mixters the best. nice one ...
review of 'pollinators' by 'apoxode' okay, now this is my jam, kara :) i love it, it's like tmbg ft. kara, so smart and fun! [up][/up][up][/up]
... metaverse, passing cities, towns, rivers, communities, and platforms in the metaverse.
review of 'boredroom (bedroom chill mix)' by 'ciggiburns' this is great, kristian! i really like this tight, smart b/t that absolutely gets the underl...
review of 'the key' by 'whitewolf' very cool, a nice pop/rock ballad to a wonderful acapella. a little clipping on the high end (some of the vocal hi...
review of 'jealousy' by 'admiral bob' very smart, and nicely sympathetic to the protagonist without necessarily vindicating him. i love the treatments...
review of 'timeout' by 'snowflake' swanky, funky and a smart use of source material. i like how you build each section with new sounds and feel, yet w...
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...rimental visions of cities around the world. [url=][/url]
how much time did you spend with mr. toure? this message is to all who participated in the vieux farka toure remix. disclaimer the first: this is a...
...rimental visions of cities around the world. it is assembled by collaborative works between visual artists and musicians. the works
fort minor winner yes folks, we have a winner! congrats to [url=]marc[/url] for the winning entry! this entry ...
ccmixter ii ready for testing sign up to test ccmixter ii ------------------------------------ you've been hearing about it for a long time, well ...
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smartdesirespa's favorites
savvy sensual sway some smart, sexy tracks with a groove.
cc easy easy_listening,pop,rock,soft_rock easy listening collection. nothing too smart or heavy.