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Harsini was on the rampage. Reece was looking studiously at the table while Davis and Christian were fidgeting with their pens. Colette kept her cool though; the bitch was unflappable. I had a free pass because I was nowhere near this shit when it went down. I was on the other side of the city, getting actual results, home free.”So yeah, you think we do it again, right?” Harsini continued, pointing at Reece then at Colette videos xxx.”I was close, chief,” Reece began, shrugging his massive shoulders.It looked odd to see such a big guy look so intimidated, but his boss had really gotten into the flow now and was bristling. Too much testosterone around the table, too many opinions. Colette was playing it smart, keeping quiet and letting the men slog it out. Eventually, she piped up.”Chief, I’m with Reece on this one,” she began, her tone level and quiet, in stark contrast to the diatribe from moments before sex videos.Harsini’s hands settled on his hips, fingers digging into the belt. He was carrying more weight than he should have, and the argument had worked him into a sweat. He took a deep breath. That was the thing with all of the guys: they can go hammer and tongs at each other but they pull it back a notch when the females speak. Colette was using it to her advantage now. I’d pulled the same trick in the past too.I had to though. I’m slightly below average height for a female so some of the guys, like Davis, tower over me. I’m clearly not one of them, so they peg it back a little to compensate. Add to that the fact that I’m first generation born here, daughter of parents who left the oppressive heat of the Indian monsoon season and never went back, so I don’t look like them either. It could have all worked against me, but it didn’t.I’m a native, though. I don’t speak with an accent. I like the cold: I was born into it, I like the seasons. I like my family, though my Amma keeps asking when I’m going to get married. I tell her I don’t know, I have to actually meet someone first. I also like my job, and most of the people I work with. I like the way they call me Eve, though my name is actually Ava; it’s like when I go to work I have a secret identity, one that my parents don’t know about. If I’m being honest, I even like Harsini: he’s a good boss who knows what he’s doing, and right now he’s in full expectation reset mode.I listened to Colette explaining the intel they’d managed to obtain on the last surveillance, reiterating that we were focusing on the long game. It was all well and good to bust a few guys, but they needed everyone, which needed another excursion. I watched her work, the same way I’d seen her talk a man literally off a ledge back when we were both in genpop uniforms responding to whatever crazy shit came over the radio. I’d walk through fire if she needed it because I knew that if push came to shove, she wouldn’t fuck up.Harsini seemed to be winding down from defcon one. He looked dead at Reece sexy porn.”Okay, two more weeks. Then what you have is what you have.”He ran his fingers over the laptop keyboard and moved on to the next item on the agenda without waiting for a response.I swivelled slightly in my chair so I could watch Colette. She was pretty, blonde, coming up to forty and a little heavier than when we’d first met, but in a way that gave her curves. She knew how to work the curves too: when to undo the extra button of the blouse, when to flash her little smile, and when to be a stone-cold viper. It made her good at her job, an extra set of tools in the bag that the guys around the table just didn’t have. As she wound down from the stress of the conversation, she was playing with her wedding ring, turning it on her finger. It was one of her tells; it told me how worked up she’d been herself, even though she hadn’t shown it, had kept her nerve.
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