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pablo perez
permalink   Mon, Oct 2, 2006 @ 11:02 AM
Some months ago i had the great opportunity to be invited by George Lever to participate in citypulse. citypulse is a collective audio-visual project fed by experimental visions of cities around the world. It is assembled by collaborative works between visual artists and musicians. The works are based in the concept of cities revisited by new forms of creation, capturing, in an experimental way, the feel, noise and identity of the urban structures, their dynamics, people and culture.

The diffusion of the project is made online and across a tour of screenings in international festivals and media art exhibitions.

Citypulse has been shown at the Haiku Film Fest in France (june), the Aarau Film Fest in Switzerland (august), and in September 8th at the Videominuto Pop TV festival in Italy. More screenings are programmed for late 2006 and early 2007 in Santiago, Chile; Argentina; Lake County,USA; and the Media Art Biennale in Poland.

At Georges invitation i created a video work called Ofrenda de Dia de Muertos, based in the popular ceremonies held in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead on Novermber 2nd, which is now part of citypulses videos.

I would also like to enormously thank video artists:

Genie Yip (China), Sebastian Soto (Chile), and Mitch Derek (UK); for using some of my audio tracks for their video works.

More info on citypulse can be found at: