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Sat, Mar 19 8:03 AM fourstones review of Making Me Nervous (UNIT-E Mix) by Sharp
outstanding, again, shows great arranging skills
Sat, Mar 19 8:02 AM fourstones review of Superhuman by Sharp
Great arrangement and shows a solid feel for the vocals/song. You're good.
Sat, Mar 19 7:59 AM fourstones review of nervous refix by Dubslate
Hey this is really good, another vocal that's been done about 100 times but when...
Sat, Mar 19 7:57 AM fourstones review of NO MEANING NO (SUBLIMINAL MIX) by MASTER 1
Great cutting.
Sat, Mar 19 7:56 AM fourstones review of tender hands, wild minds by Tomas PhUsIoN
A really good idea well executed. Congrats.
Sat, Mar 19 7:55 AM fourstones review of Living Stereo(2005) by teru
Wow, teru, this is tremendous.
Sat, Mar 19 7:54 AM fourstones review of Stereo Ephemera vs. Kokoro Mayikibo by
Dam, it's CC Ninja day. Great uploads.
Sat, Mar 19 12:09 AM ASHWAN review of Living Stereo(2005) by teru
love it.
Fri, Mar 18 11:55 PM SLLID review of scurydhat by Sohaclara
I love this. very delicate sounds & groove.
Fri, Mar 18 6:36 PM deadpan review of Revolve by cinematrik
Uhm yeah, of unusual quality. Well built.
Fri, Mar 18 5:16 AM Cezary Ostrowski review of Baby by MarcoRaaphorst
The forest smells familiar here :) We should do things together soon ....
Fri, Mar 18 1:54 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of sacred sand by Cezary Ostrowski
almost as good as your other track but it seems to lack a little 'direction'. th...
Fri, Mar 18 1:50 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of Crawl! (radio edit) by Cezary Ostrowski
soundscape is super cool and the vocals twist my ears too!
Fri, Mar 18 12:49 AM Dubslate review of tender hands, wild minds by Tomas PhUsIoN
i think you should eat less and let it go more often ! nice groove
Fri, Mar 18 12:43 AM Cezary Ostrowski review of Making Me Nervous (UNIT-E Mix) by Sharp
Good work, man. Keep on! I like the simplicity of it :)
Fri, Mar 18 12:40 AM Cezary Ostrowski review of Superhuman by Sharp
nice :)
Thu, Mar 17 10:18 PM review of Funebre by guZ
Note to Ashwan: Please mix liberally with Curious. Bake well and release.
Thu, Mar 17 1:42 PM Fujimo review of Fase Rem by Stab
this is good. reminds me of early dntel.
Thu, Mar 17 1:39 PM Fujimo review of Folata Gelida by Stab
i like this track , everything you do here is great. the repeating melodic line ...
Thu, Mar 17 11:35 AM teru review of NO MEANING NO (SUBLIMINAL MIX) by MASTER 1
Good work. Hope to hear another. Hopefully with different samples. No offence b...
Thu, Mar 17 11:29 AM teru review of Choices by Gautch
Great work. Just my opinion but I prefer this side of you. : )
Thu, Mar 17 10:49 AM teru review of Punctuation by Weird Polymer
I listened to this looped for about a half hour yesterday. Totally captivating. ...
Thu, Mar 17 10:41 AM teru review of why don't you by KOKORO MAYIKIBO
Cool. Grazie! I do like it but I have to admit it gives me flashbacks to the 80'...
Thu, Mar 17 9:15 AM Minus Kelvin review of Baby by MarcoRaaphorst
Hey man... don't touch it. Write some more music. I am against reworking old ...
Wed, Mar 16 11:01 PM shockshadow review of Pretty Out There by teru
hey teru...this is very VERY nice. the quality of the sound is spot on, and the...
Wed, Mar 16 10:43 PM shockshadow review of Givin it Back 2 Back (feat. Curious) by fourstones
funky fresh. great track!
Wed, Mar 16 10:37 PM shockshadow review of 24 hours ago by Minus Kelvin
i like this alot. very moody...the feedback part adds just the right touch of e...
Wed, Mar 16 2:06 PM 00afro review of ToyKalimba by SLLID
I like this:) thanks!! I was looking for a kalimba;))
Wed, Mar 16 1:16 PM Fujimo review of kickstand (used) by Lycius
please tell me that's helium. i love those guitars. the slopiness builds grea...
Wed, Mar 16 1:07 PM teru review of Inner Child by Falik
Five stars because I learned what a doumbec is. And because you play bouzouki. O...