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Reviews left by Stab

Sun, Apr 16 4:32 PM Stab review of Good and Bad (Ft. MsVybe) by PorchCat
the idea is nice, maybe you could structure it as a "canzone" with a "ritornello...
Sun, Apr 16 2:38 PM Stab review of Mountains of Spices by gurdonark
well, the vocoder is quite nice, but it doesn't seem to fit well with the rest.
Sun, Apr 16 2:30 PM Stab review of Encounter Mix by Zim
simply wonderful 5 stars
Mon, Mar 27 10:26 AM Stab review of The Edge by shockshadow
nice one. Very nicely mastered.
Tue, Mar 21 9:49 AM Stab review of 203 - Grave by taboca
really nice, and useful!!
Tue, Mar 21 9:41 AM Stab review of Transformation by lucza
really nice. 4 stars only for the bad equalization. Pump the bass!!! :)
Tue, Mar 21 9:38 AM Stab review of Something To Say by Hazor
Well, the idea is quite nice. There are some things in the armony I wish to be ...
Tue, Mar 21 9:29 AM Stab review of Noisy Work by lucza
I didn't understant the text, however.. the melody is very good with a good "rit...
Tue, Mar 21 9:09 AM Stab review of ANGELZero - Sick As A Dog ( Demo 2) by ANGELZero
Well, the idea could be nice, however the drums sound too "old", with a bad equa...
Tue, Mar 21 9:03 AM Stab review of a certain matter by penston
nice drums work. I like how you used those breakbeats, with pitch/volume/layer c...
Tue, Mar 21 9:00 AM Stab review of Ending the Drought (featuring Shagrugge) by gurdonark
nice ambient track, maybe too much sub frequencies... I didn't like that sound b...
Tue, Mar 21 8:54 AM Stab review of MassiveClubHit (feat. Lisa DeBenedictis) by Uncool Bob
The idea is nice. However the drums, the synths sounds too "unprocessed". For ex...
Tue, Mar 21 8:40 AM Stab review of Git sum respect by prinsW
wonderful vocals! nice glitches. 5 stars
Thu, Dec 8 6:55 AM Stab review of No Stars (Scrapyard Chop) by Mischief
Good one! Very nice how you chopped the vocals! 5 stars
Thu, Dec 8 6:51 AM Stab review of Stop it by Fujimo
Nice one, a mix of rock sounds and glitch. Very creative, very good :)