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Ending the Drought (featuring Shagrugge)

uploaded: Sat, Mar 18, 2006 @ 4:39 PM
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This piece is the second work resulting from a collaboration between Shagrugge and I. In the first one, “Sprechen de Sanibel”, which Shagrugge has posted, I morphed his gorgeous sample and then he remixed the result into something quite different from this piece.

In this piece, I left the sample largely alone, but remixed it among a universe of sounds and ambience.

The rain today in Collin County, Texas marks the welcome end of a long and damaging drought.

My thanks to shagrugge, with whom I have enjoyed collaborating. I find collaborations the most satisfying part of this process of creation.

"Ending the Drought (featuring Shagrugge)"
by gurdonark

2006 - Licensed under
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Soft, delicate but tense journey though an emotional landscape that shows us what happens when two of ccMixter’s more experimental artists experiment working together. Seems they brought out the best in each other with this beautiful aural landscape.