Deep Roots Remix Event

How I Did It

Ending the Drought (featuring...
by gurdonark
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Sat, Mar 18, 2006 @ 4:39 PM

Tools I Used

Magix Audio Studio 5 freeware Slicer sampler

Samples I Used

Shagrugge's ambient sample was created for our collaboration.
The rest of the samples were mixters or Magnatune.


I married the Stargarden and the Claire Fitch first, and then sampled them through Slicer, my freeware art sampler.

Then I added the Shagrugge piece, which is time-contracted by a power of 34 percent or so.

I added the camera tv camera, which I had morphed to get a less harsh effect.

I added the Raaphorst piece, morphed to get a snippet of electronica effect.

I added the Black Sun Laboratories, a different sound to leaven Shagrugge's.

I added the Aerosol Spray sample at the end for a hint of rain.

I added alterstate by Brilliant Orange Object because it offers contrasting sounds without being unduly dissonant.

I added DAC Crowell's piece near the end, to give atmosphere.

I added another snippet of the Fitch/Stargarden morph to take up the theme again late in the song, to give continuity.