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Reviews left by Stab

Fri, Apr 27 4:35 PM Stab review of Lift Me Up (February) by nero
very good, relaxing and well mixed with a nice structure. (wonderful reverb/echo...
Sun, Apr 22 11:06 AM Stab review of Guessin Games (Deep House Mix) by mabhiza
nice work. Altought it is not my favourite genre, I find it has very nicely prod...
Wed, Apr 11 2:25 PM Stab review of Kill Kill Kill (Fun Fun Fun) by nuuro
niiiice!! :) I'm envious about your drums!
Tue, Apr 10 8:13 AM Stab review of Waiting by teru
Very calm and nice. Perfect to be remixed!
Tue, Apr 10 7:57 AM Stab review of Cooling Test Violin-5 by Dimitri Artemenko
Beautiful and useful!
Mon, Apr 2 4:43 PM Stab review of innertide by DJ BLUE
Very sweet and well-mixed. Big up!
Mon, Mar 26 3:34 PM Stab review of February by tacet
really beautiful piece.
Tue, Sep 19 3:09 PM Stab review of Chilla by gurdonark
very nice! Dark, deep, meditative...
Tue, Sep 19 3:08 PM Stab review of Central Expressway by gurdonark
The ideas and sounds are interesting but it seemed a bit monotonous to me. I thi...
Tue, Sep 19 2:58 PM Stab review of Tu Corazón (Kenton mix) by Briareus
sweet... perfect!
Sun, Apr 16 5:21 PM Stab review of transform by ThiefZero
very nice and well recorded/mastered hard rock track
Sun, Apr 16 5:13 PM Stab review of Freedom (Techno Plano Mix) by gurdonark
nice, the pad is very nice and it could be a nice house track. Only one critic...
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