Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!
Darkroom (mactonite):
Fri, Aug 28 8:18 PM Pluggy Plugs :: New Releases.
Sounds awesome. Really enjoyed the smooth R&B sound.
Mon, Oct 30 9:19 AM The Big OT :: Happy Birthday ccMixter
Happy B-Day ccMixter!
Fri, Jan 20 7:25 AM Announcements :: Call Out for New Editors
AWESOME! Welcome to the team, Christine Bush, Darkroom, Mana Junkie, & CDK! I'm ...
Thu, Jan 19 10:56 PM Announcements :: Call Out for New Editors
Thank you. I can't wait to get started.
Fri, Jan 13 11:19 AM Announcements :: Call Out for New Editors
It has been great to be a part of it. Every single member I have seen here truly...
Fri, Jan 13 10:48 AM Announcements :: Call Out for New Editors
I would be interested also. I have been with CCMixter since 2006 and have watche...
Wed, Nov 17 10:28 AM DIY :: Free orchestral instrument samples
Nice find.
Wed, Nov 17 10:23 AM DIY :: Mixing and Mastering tips?
Hey all, I think my greatest weakness in producing music has always been the mix...
Wed, Jan 9 12:31 PM Help :: what is the BPM???
Alot of the times you will find the BPM if you click on the link of the song on ...
Wed, Oct 10 1:21 PM The Big OT :: SecretMixter IV: Zed Revolution
Why not?
Fri, Sep 14 11:01 AM Features :: New Remixes
Whatever happened to the "Recent Remixes" feature on the CCMixter homepage? Is t...
Tue, Sep 4 8:51 PM The Big OT :: What's the weather like?
The last few days have been in excess of 110 degrees F(43.3 C) here in Southern ...
Fri, May 4 10:41 AM Help :: We need help on this mix ...
Like the song. In my opinion, the drums and vocals are too hot and need to be tu...
Thu, Mar 22 1:17 AM DIY :: How much time did you spend with Mr. Toure?
Can't remember how long it took. About 8 hours is a good estimate.
Fri, Sep 15 6:59 PM Pluggy Plugs :: Anyone need real drums?
I will come up with some music. Do you do jazz?