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Reviews left by Loveshadow

Sun, Jun 16 3:59 AM Loveshadow review of Earth Connection by ScOmBer
Nice .. Space........ Give us the backing track.....;)
Sun, Jun 16 3:50 AM Loveshadow review of hate loses. . . . . by panu
Yea. That's a panu song alright.In ten years you have come some distance in ...
Sun, Jun 16 3:44 AM Loveshadow review of Fish in the Sea by Admiral Bob
Nice. This is bordering on some heavy rock ..might turn something up to 11 with ...
Sun, Jun 16 3:40 AM Loveshadow review of Good Intentions (pell) by Snowflake
Seems like ego..has no where to go have it on a lease with this truly ...
Sun, Jun 16 3:30 AM Loveshadow review of Focus on Love by Kara Square
3/4..ya think ? ;)
Sun, Jun 16 3:28 AM Loveshadow review of One True Connection by Doxent Zsigmond
Hey this is great. The vocal is in a completely different position and rolls ove...
Fri, Feb 8 12:38 PM Loveshadow review of 2019 by Zep Hurme
Great to see Scomber by Taking over where the Travelling Wilburys left off. :)
Sun, Dec 30 2:39 PM Loveshadow review of silver white star by sleeperspaceborn
Yes yes yes.
Thu, Nov 22 3:30 PM Loveshadow review of Die Trying by Snowflake
I think in another life you must have been in Burlesque. An intense performance...
Thu, Nov 22 3:14 PM Loveshadow review of Sacred Light by Aussens@iter
Nice production.
Sun, Nov 18 4:51 PM Loveshadow review of The Heart of a Star (Confected Ramblings) by 7OOP3D
Love this..Like some exotic temple procession.
Sun, Nov 18 4:47 PM Loveshadow review of The Owl and the Pussycat by Radioontheshelf
You are the Leonard Cohen of ccmixter. Must have a go at a remix of you one d...
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