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Endurance Swirls Impermanence

uploaded: Sun, Nov 24, 2019 @ 8:55 AM
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With every Secret Mixter I do I try to find work that has not been mixed or has been overlooked in some way. The track I chose from urmymuse’s canon was definitely noticed. And for good reason. It’s terrific. I de-rocked it a bit to suit my spoken word style, but all the music is his.

A note on the words which are below. I have referenced both the theme of this go round and some features of Eastern religion/culture, etc. These are loose references, not precise statements of what are serious and deeply held beliefs. Also worth noting that I have been heavily inspired by the work of Laurie Anderson of late. I was lucky enough this summer to take a road trip to Mass MoCA to see her permanent, but changing, residential exhibition there, and I recently watched her film “Heart of a Dog.” I bought her book “All The Things I Lost In The Flood” and have been devouring it. If I could be one artist living in the world right now, it would be her.

So thank you my friend from the North. Sorry your layer cakes didn’t make it into this mix, but maybe one day when I learn how to be a proper ranting poet. :-)

The ability to keep going
To adapt, change, respond
Or hold fast
Against adversity.

Buddhists believe that impermanence,
Endurance’s other side,
The yin to its yang,
Should guide our way.

Do not hold on,
They say.
Let go.
No attachment.

Loss is inevitable,
Pain inescapable,
Suffering serves no purpose.
We are here to be happy.

Undaunted by suffering…
We endure.

essesq 2019

"Endurance Swirls Impermanence"
by essesq

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