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Paper Hearts (live in Bayreuth)

uploaded: Sun, Nov 24, 2019 @ 1:44 AM last modified: Sun, Nov 24, 2019 @ 1:47 AM  (add)
bySiobhan Dakay
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Paper Hearts

What an assignment. Joel absolutely was not on my plate since he was not very active when I joined ccMixter and only draw my attention with his wonderful secret mixter in 2016 where I was his assignment. He took the time to add heart melting lyrics to my samples. Lyrics that are even more relevant today. It took ais while fully understand (if so) what he has created.

Now been assigned to Joel aka Kungfu gets me the chance to pay back. I loved the lyrics and singing from ‘Paper Hearts’ immediately. Such a fragile thing like a heart made from paper hanging on a tiny string presented as an extremly powerful symbol. A metaphor for a relationship drama. A drama that could be part of the Bayreuth Richard Wagner Festivals.

The track is sung with a timbre I would compare with David Bowie’s later works. Full of pain, rage and anger.
So my first intention was to make it a rock track. Fortunately I was not able to find some fitting setting so I burned that idea like the paper hearts. I listened to the mixes of the track and Scombers version appealed most to me. I stole a few chords Scomber used (the reference to the “live” version was born)

The more I worked on the track and added the samples from Schizophrenia it was required to have some harmony shifts added. After I played with some instruments I found the dark woodwinds and the dark strings most appealing and all the sudden there was the idea to make it sound like Richard Wagner.
From there everything worked like a charm: Added weird strings, crazy Trumpets, multiple Choirs, running fluets, cimbals.
I spent most of the time until publishing with automation, equing and work on details like fitting the reverbs making it sound as if played in one concert hall and automate the EQ when it is getting loud to have one or the other detail shine through.

Mastering was the toughest part.
I decided to keep the loudness a bit lower to relatively fit into the recommendations for streaming not to kill the dynamics and the details by limiting to death.

The final result now is kind of the soundtrack to the relationship drama. Like Richard Wagner used powerful musical elements to support the drama I tried the same in this track.

It is mastered with studio monitors as well as headphones. Take care when you listen via headphone, do not level up volume too much. It will take a time until actually something is happening.

Joel, thank you very much for this journey. What a pleasure and honour to mix you.

Paper Hearts: Main Vocals
Piano Song One: Audience whispers
Schizophrenia: Man Aria Solo left and right

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  • /Paperhearts - High weird strings.flac (4.83MB)
  • /Paperhearts - High Woodwind.flac (3.71MB)
  • /Paperhearts - Phrase Choir.flac (4.86MB)
  • /Paperhearts - Raaaah Choir.flac (3.55MB)
  • /Paperhearts - Reverse Orch.flac (1.39MB)
  • /Paperhearts - Strings Massive.flac (3.56MB)
  • /Paperhearts - Strings sus.flac (8.93MB)
  • /Paperhearts - Weird Horns.flac (3.37MB)
  • /Paperhearts - Women pattern Choir.flac (4.18MB)

"Paper Hearts (live in Bayreuth)"
by Siobhan Dakay

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Siobahn Dakay takes us on a fantastic journey, through a dark and brooding world with Kung Fu’s words.

It’s pretty dark, but there is a light somewhere ahead and it’s leading us there. Who knows what lies behind that.

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