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Reviews left by khidir

Mon, Feb 16 6:45 PM khidir review of Scott Waves to Aprils Salty Grace -dance mix- by J.Lang
Really stellar production on this one, very reminiscent of Scott!
Mon, Feb 16 8:35 AM khidir review of Ahhhh...That's Better by essesq
Thank you for your interpretation and remix of my work, your subtle touches have...
Fri, Feb 13 9:45 PM khidir review of Do You Mind (rock / soul) by The.Spirit.Of.Light
Amazing sound, you should post the stems.
Fri, Feb 13 9:36 PM khidir review of Slap A Lard Arse by Scott Altham
Really chill IDM track, enjoyed it immensely.
Fri, Feb 13 9:29 PM khidir review of Wont you Stop (playing with my heart just cause your hot) by Scomber
excellent, your vocals really shine here!
Thu, Feb 12 9:29 AM khidir review of Slipping Away (monk mix) by Calling Sister Midnight
An entrancing original tune. The reverb sounds a touch too excessive over here, ...
Thu, Feb 12 9:19 AM khidir review of left me broken by oldDog
Hello, this is pretty awesome! No idea how you got the tempo matching between th...
Wed, Feb 11 9:46 PM khidir review of Shame Walzer by Manolo Camp
Amazing track, I love the intro/buildup. Definitely worth many listens!
Wed, Feb 11 8:18 AM khidir review of Scratch The Surface by J.Lang
You have really great vision as a producer, always churning out creative and qua...
Wed, Feb 11 8:05 AM khidir review of Madrugada by logos
Love that bass, and the beats are top-notch!
Wed, Feb 11 7:59 AM khidir review of The Way I Got This Way by panu
very nice panu, do you mind sharing with us the fully-mixed song too?
Wed, Feb 11 7:56 AM khidir review of The Opera of the Bruised Soul by radiotimes
Tender piece, you have that magic touch!
Tue, Feb 10 6:13 AM khidir review of Walkman Blues by Admiral Bob
that guitar tone is amazingly fun!
Fri, Feb 6 5:51 PM khidir review of Technicolor in NC by teru
I love how the sound just comes in and envelopes your ears, it's like getting im...
Fri, Feb 6 5:37 PM khidir review of Drunk on Decatur St. at 3am by Synaptic_Decay
Nice track, SD. Got a real escapist vibe from it as well. The highs and downs wo...