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Reviews left by J.Lang

Tue, Jul 17 5:39 PM J.Lang review of Red Light by Nethis
80's magic.... Love it.
Tue, Jul 17 5:33 PM J.Lang review of CCMixter (We are not evil) by Abstract Audio
This is definitely a Hot One baby
Thu, Jul 12 5:53 AM J.Lang review of Scent of You by copperhead
Very Cool Track. I'm getting a bit of an Amy Winehouse feel on this. ( I love Am...
Wed, Jul 4 4:23 AM J.Lang review of The BEST Damn Heart by Loveshadow
First let me say, You got me with the new Avatar. Ha ha Very Funny.... What a...
Mon, Jul 2 7:50 PM J.Lang review of Falling The Blue by Admiral Bob
Amazing !!!!
Mon, Jul 2 7:47 PM J.Lang review of Falling by Alex
Very Cool Track Alex.
Thu, Jun 21 5:51 AM J.Lang review of Sing Mama Sing (Summer Sol Mix) by duckett
Nice Work Duckett. What did you use on Snowflakes Vocals?
Thu, Jun 21 5:43 AM J.Lang review of It's That Same Old Thing by copperhead
Very Cool Track
Wed, Jun 20 8:08 AM J.Lang review of Sweet Sanity by Scomber
I love your vocals in this jazzy mix. If this wasn't already an Ed Pick i'd pick...
Wed, Jun 20 8:03 AM J.Lang review of Warmth by onlymeith
A Very Beautiful Track Indeed. Like colb, i love the slow build up. Sweet Mix.
Wed, Jun 20 7:41 AM J.Lang review of Like A Sycamore by Snowflake
Deep, bluesy, soulful and moving.
Wed, Jun 20 7:34 AM J.Lang review of Cold Caller (Vo1k1 Poem Mix) by vo1k1
Awesome !!!!
Wed, Jun 20 7:14 AM J.Lang review of BREATHe (cdk Breathless Dub Mix) by Analog By Nature
Beautiful Track. Very Nice mix
Sun, Jun 17 6:16 AM J.Lang review of Man Above It by texasradiofish
pretty damn cool but tooo short.
Sun, Jun 17 5:49 AM J.Lang review of Schizophrenia (DetachmentMix) by duckett
Very Trippie. Nice Work JD