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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Sat, Feb 23 6:37 AM J.Lang review of Pay It Forward-The Love by texasradiofish
Happy good feeling take on this. Well done.
Wed, Feb 13 2:43 PM J.Lang review of Gotta Do ' Valentine prelude mix ' by RizkeyG
TOOOOO Short but great Groove like Stefan Said.
Wed, Feb 13 2:18 PM J.Lang review of Liberian Girl by Zep Hurme
Love that Intro, then the drums and after that we Nile Rogers on Guitar and soun...
Sat, Feb 9 8:40 AM J.Lang review of Strum and Strummer by septahelix
Starts kind of slow and builds very nicely
Sat, Feb 9 8:36 AM J.Lang review of Liberian Girl by Scomber
Soulful, Nice groove and great mix. On Repeat
Sat, Feb 9 8:26 AM J.Lang review of Funk with Me Cycle by Apoxode
Love the way it starts slows and picks up. I'm guessing you do several mixes a d...
Sat, Feb 9 8:21 AM J.Lang review of CANARY WHARF by BOCREW LAB
where are the steams for this. Very Sweet
Thu, Feb 7 6:24 PM J.Lang review of Ole Fashioned Love by texasradiofish
Yeah That Feel Good Music.
Thu, Feb 7 6:00 PM J.Lang review of Be What You Are (feat Silke Schmieman) by Disaster of Music
From the Intro, to that funky bass and sexy synth. This is very Cool.
Thu, Feb 7 5:52 PM J.Lang review of famous_last_words by panu
Amazing mix. Nicely done Panu.
Sun, Jan 27 3:22 PM J.Lang review of fall together pell by panu
Very beautiful track, makes me wish I could play the guitar. On my 3rd listen.
Sun, Jan 27 3:17 PM J.Lang review of Wall of Sound by Apoxode
I'm digging it.
Sun, Jan 27 3:12 PM J.Lang review of Alley Walker by Speck
Interesting take on this, love the drums and the synth sounds. Very well done.
Sun, Jan 27 4:45 AM J.Lang review of The POTUS Shuffle (Build a Wall of Sound Mix) by Scomber
Funky Funky Funky :)
Sat, Jan 26 4:34 PM J.Lang review of Change de disque by Alex
On point Alex. Love this. That piano is killer. Great Mix.