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Say Their Names - Love and Remember

uploaded: Sun, Sep 13, 2020 @ 9:10 AM
FeaturingDJ Lang
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Thank you Jay for sharing your gifts so generously with us at ccMixter. I appreciate you.

The backing track with its fabulous feel is all DJ Lang untouched except for some eq and compression for the purpose of the remix.

Say their names : Love and remember

Love and remember
Say their name
So many loves So many loves
So many loves come and gone

So many loves come and gone
Taken away by secret storms
Swept away by influence
Shot down when innocent
So many loves come and gone

More than wrong place wrong time
Guilty charge for just being alive
So many loves
So many loves come and gone

Heavy regret crystalized silence
Wrecking havoc fueling violence
Humanity’s endangered by irrevocable anger

I am sorry I hurt you. How can I atone?
To transform remorse that is marrow in our bones
I am safer with you than when I am alone.

My shadow your shadow — Our shadows are long
Now is the time for our shadows to evolve
In the shadows hope hides In our hearts that beat
The rhythm of our vitality

We are but a flickering light
a firefly on a summer’s night
A gentle glow the light of compassion
Together to illuminate love through action

We must never forget what we have done

Love and remember
Say their names

George Floyd,
Breonna Taylor,
Ahmaud Taylor,
Sean Read
Tony McDay
Philando Castile,
Brent Thompson,
Lorne Ahrens,
Michael Smith.
Travon Martin,
Eric Garner,
Terence Crutcher,
Tamir Rice,
Mike Brown
Freddie Gray
Antonio Martin
Walter Scott
Jamar Clark
Sandra Bland

So many loves come and gone
Don’t forget


This is the second track I produced with this vocal. The first track, Say Their Names : Break the Silence was made into a video with Kara’s support. You can see it here. It’s powerful.


"Say Their Names - Love and Remember"
by SackJo22

2020 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

Soul stirring spoken word and a call to humanity to remember… SackJo22’s remix of J.Lang is a beautiful and important tribute. It is also a moment for us all to contemplate. Open your heart, listen, reflect, and act.

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