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Kwame (djiz):

Reviews left by Kwame

Sun, Nov 18 12:30 AM Kwame review of Eracism by Donnie Ozone
Thanks for using this one! relly like your track.
Mon, Mar 19 3:13 PM Kwame review of Equipe de Masse by whytong
Nice one. The beat is cool and I really like it... just as said before... the p...
Sat, Feb 11 5:47 AM Kwame review of Hands Off The Internet by Alex
Great job! Nice "old school type" drum play!
Thu, Feb 9 5:13 AM Kwame review of 7th Dimension VII-2 by CSoul
Nice and peacefull... Thanks for sampling me!
Fri, Jan 20 12:04 PM Kwame review of Quem Mande No Baile Ft. De Leve & Souljah by coruscate
Hot one! love that beat.
Fri, Jan 20 2:41 AM Kwame review of What It Takes To Be Me by Alex
Awesome remix!
Thu, Oct 28 7:33 AM Kwame review of Cool Guy by Blake
Nice beat and perfect mix.
Thu, Oct 28 7:25 AM Kwame review of Cool Guy by Alex
Different and really nice ! I love the idea.
Thu, Dec 17 1:46 PM Kwame review of I know by ScOmBer
Nice one! Nothing to add...
Thu, Dec 17 1:42 PM Kwame review of Speechless by Briareus
I love the intro. Nice mix with the vocal.
Fri, Nov 27 5:17 AM Kwame review of HEAVY by BOCrew
Nice one
Tue, Nov 10 9:11 AM Kwame review of The White Cube- so so cold treatmeant by J.Lang
Different from your other work... Buts beautiful
Tue, Nov 3 8:19 AM Kwame review of Short Message 4 You by error404
Short but good
Tue, Nov 3 8:14 AM Kwame review of Murderer by Alex
Nice one.
Sun, Oct 18 10:45 AM Kwame review of WARning by DJ.E-State
Sorry for your car... Nice track, love the beat, full of emotion as you've sai...