Branching Out Secret Mixter Sign Ups

Branching Out Secret Mixter

Branching Out Secret Mixter

The branches of a tree may grow in different directions, but they all draw nourishment from the same root.”― Wald Wassermann

ccMixter welcomes you to the Branching Out Secret Mixter, where the roots of creativity run deep and the branches of music reach for new horizons! It’s spring up here in the Northern Hemisphere (winter in the south) and in this Secret Mixter event, we invite you to spread your musical branches wide and embrace the spirit of trying new things as the day lengthens and the blossoms bloom. Just as the budding tree stretches toward the sun, let your creativity reach beyond its usual bounds and into uncharted territories. And remember, even as our branches reach for new heights, we remain rooted in the shared love for music that brings us together. Our collective nourishment springs from the same source – the joy of creating and sharing music with one another.

If you’ve never participated in a Secret Mixter before, the Branching Out event is a perfect opportunity to dig your roots in and participate in our most beloved and longstanding event tradition. Be sure to read the FAQ so you understand how it all works.

The Secret Mixter is a great way to make a new friend! Try a style or process that you’ve never used before. Pick up a new instrument! Most importantly, sign up by April 14! Branch Out!

Sign-ups: March 31- April 13
Assignments go out: April 14
Mixing: April 14 - May 4
Upload Day: May 4/5

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Signing Up

This mixup is currently signing up participants. E-mail notifications will go out on Sunday, April 14, 2024