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Ashes Over Paris - American Gothic Mix

uploaded: Sat, Mar 2, 2024 @ 12:20 AM
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That link also contains many dusty, imitation album covers for this song created from Mr Yesterday’s lyrics and ChatGPT’s interpretation of it (and his description, note the bees)

Then, THEN download and enjoy this combination of human talents. 8^)

I am extremely proud of this one! And I’m sure Mr Yesterday is proud of his work.

In the face of a tragedy, it’s difficult to pose the question “why is this tragedy special and the others are ignored? Why is some pain more important than others?” These are not his direct words but questions raised through his work.

The loops were commercially produced, royalty free loops carefully selected to produce a dusty blues jazz record.

A free VST from Izotope called “Vinyl” was used on Mr Yesterday’s vocals as well as a few of the loops to create “dust” “crackle” and “age.”

The music video was produced using Pika Labs and Leonardo. Most of the prompts were Mr Yesterday’s lyrics with a few words to get a consistent styling. I followed the arrangement of his words carefully, trying to recreate his vocals in a visual form. At the end of the video, I incorporated his description of the song by including bees and comparing the bees struggling in the fire of Notre Dame to the young police officers struggling in riot fires.

The MP3 here, video on my site/youtube and lossless wav for sale on BandCamp are a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. A download of the video can be made available on request for visual remixing.

For sale on BandCamp

"Ashes Over Paris - American Gothic Mix"
by coruscate

2024 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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Editorial pick

Elegant hip-hop with a blues vibe. Hear Mr_Yesterday’s wonderful and heartrending performance of “Ashes Over Paris” with a highly detailed and nuanced backing track from coruscate. Jazzhop at its finest.