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Reviews left by annabloom

Fri, Feb 7 7:59 PM annabloom review of A poem I'll own (ft. Doxent) by robwalkerpoet
le petit bistro au Seine - and thank you for the title.
Sun, Jan 19 6:05 PM annabloom review of Whole Earth Wormhole by Speck
and another gem - i have to stop catching up with the stuff i missed in the past...
Sun, Jan 19 6:01 PM annabloom review of I'll Be Fine by Speck
seriously good - very enjoyable drift
Sun, Jan 19 5:58 PM annabloom review of Downstairs is a Glass of Milk by annabloom by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
cool stuff - thank you
Sun, Jan 19 5:54 PM annabloom review of Mysterious Light (mix) by @nop
finally these old loops have been put to a very good use
Sun, Jan 19 5:51 PM annabloom review of One Hand Holds Moonshine's Reflection by Speck
most delightful - the moonshine was good for something
Fri, Dec 6 4:33 PM annabloom review of Scuffle by Speck
i don't check often enough. i miss stuff. like this one. glad i found it after a...
Fri, Dec 6 4:25 PM annabloom review of Dance in the Rain by Quarkstar
very cool track - the work paid off, really did
Fri, Dec 6 4:21 PM annabloom review of baby monster was born by daniloprates
Don#t feed after midnight - great soundtrip, and thanks for using my samples
Fri, Dec 6 4:12 PM annabloom review of Gotta Get Off The Bus by Speck
i rarely say that i'm amazed (as the word is overused anyway) but nonetheless wi...
Fri, Dec 6 4:05 PM annabloom review of Cheese Buyers In Hours Of Leisure by Speck
taleggio comte brie harzer handkas - i like the hours of leisure very manchego
Wed, Nov 13 7:00 PM annabloom review of Personal Reality by Mr_Yesterday
another great song to work with. the digital age does bring new ways to alter me...
Wed, Nov 13 3:30 PM annabloom review of New Earth Euphoria by Speck
i love that - a rusty steam organ, playing on a plain on New Earth for centuries...
Thu, Nov 7 7:37 AM annabloom review of Revolver by Robbero
hypnotic and very very cool - love the liquid marimba beat
Sat, Nov 2 7:13 PM annabloom review of Confirmation blues by Carosone
i like that a lot - a well deserved ed pick.