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Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Wed, Mar 29 9:15 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Neighborhood Afternoon Life (field recording 28 March 2017) by Doxent Zsigmond
Very nice. I like the lazy ambient punctuated by episodic traffic events. There ...
Wed, Mar 15 12:11 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Peasants by Andrew Wainwright
Nailed it! Nailed it! Nailed it! Need to roll out the cred here for the sourc...
Fri, Mar 10 2:26 PM Mr_Yesterday review of peasants by urmymuse
Oh, yeah. Sometimes quick, down, and dirty is the best answer. Love this!
Fri, Mar 3 7:36 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Is this Love? by Quarkstar
Something reminiscent of Gentle Giant is happening here. I'm tempted to take the...
Wed, Mar 1 10:32 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Springtime For Trump And Theresa May (inc electric version) by Andrew Wainwright
You pretty much nailed it, Andy.
Wed, Mar 1 10:16 AM Mr_Yesterday review of What Is This Love Of by Speck
Well, timing is everything, as they say: glad I made it in time to join the mont...
Mon, Feb 27 8:17 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Is This Love? by texasradiofish
Thanks for this! No irony at all in the statement "Minneapolis funk drums...shif...
Sat, Feb 11 11:22 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Altar(native) by Siobhan Dakay
Wow, this rebraids the vocal thread so nicely, reworks the presence to balance t...
Thu, Feb 9 12:35 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Falling by Zutsuri
Just checked out FEN...fantastic stuff, great production qualities.
Wed, Feb 8 12:07 PM Mr_Yesterday review of A Thousand Songs Away by Speck
Haha, the fingertip effects are great: cross between tap shoes and a Newton's cr...
Tue, Feb 7 10:15 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Toppin' y'self (ft. Speck & Martijn de Boer) by robwalkerpoet
Wow. Absolutely fantastic and I agree that's a perfect backing track.
Tue, Feb 7 9:49 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Probably Shouldn't by Stefan Kartenberg
Great to find this gift just before signing off last night. The layers just keep...
Sat, Feb 4 4:51 PM Mr_Yesterday review of A Thousand Songs Away by unreal_dm
Yeah...I was thinking horns...
Sun, Jan 29 12:00 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Chances In Our Lives by Speck
You never cease to surprise me, Speck. Nice harp additions, too.
Sun, Jan 22 11:02 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Electric Lady Supastar Pella by Scomber
Delightfully it stands up nicely as a pell (though hard to ima...