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Mon, Feb 1 5:40 PM HEJ31 review of Brown & Gold by Niemandsland
Minor seventh chords can still rock! Like the "solo" instrument sound.
Mon, Feb 1 2:57 PM HEJ31 review of Baby Bird (vocals and stems) by Admiral Bob
Nice tune.
Sun, Jan 24 6:40 PM HEJ31 review of Resilience & Dignity by SackJo22
As a completely objective listner, let me say your lyric writing is smart and po...
Sun, Jan 24 12:43 PM HEJ31 review of Resilience & Dignity with SackJo22 by timberman
Thanks for letting me play on this. You and Susan created a beautiful ppwerful ...
Sun, Jan 24 12:19 AM HEJ31 review of Rain by fourstones
Is it too late to join the party and say this is great?
Wed, Jan 20 2:21 PM HEJ31 review of Gabriels Trumpet by error404
Nice and sinister.
Mon, Jan 18 11:50 PM HEJ31 review of Power (chill mix) by Zapac
The instrmental focus keeps changing, like a fine orchestral arrangement. Seems ...
Tue, Dec 29 11:36 PM HEJ31 review of Non Mi Ricordo by SackJo22
This really works well. Beautiful and psychedelic. Poor, sad Italian.
Sat, Dec 5 7:15 PM HEJ31 review of Ruhe by Niemandsland
I like your musical sense.
Sat, Dec 5 7:11 PM HEJ31 review of Rest by CiggiBurns
Whoa, what have I been missing over the last couple of week. The instrumental tr...
Sat, Dec 5 6:44 PM HEJ31 review of White Out (Shade of the Moon Mix) by SackJo22
Toward the end, I'm reminded of the last movement of Holst's "The Planets". It d...
Wed, Nov 25 5:16 PM HEJ31 review of The White Cube(OrcaMix) by error404
All around cool; especially great bass.
Wed, Nov 25 4:23 PM HEJ31 review of zero zero : daemon in the cube by Calling Sister Midnight
You've created a beautiful claustaphobic world here. I do see he Lizard Point co...
Sun, Nov 22 9:07 PM HEJ31 review of White Cube Beat Boxing by Tenny
Extremely cool.
Sun, Nov 22 8:13 PM HEJ31 review of How should I call you .... by Niemandsland
The horns both sound great. I love your guitar playing, though I think I would h...