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Path of Glass (SackJo22 & Evelyn Stettin)

uploaded: Sun, Nov 17, 2013 @ 11:20 PM last modified: Sun, Nov 17, 2013 @ 11:36 PM  (add)
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I am looking for remixes to be part of a new, original theatrical production I am working on called PRAYER. With my collaborators, Evelyn Stettin and Angela Grillo, we are working on a multi-media performance that explores art as prayer through the character of Dorothy Vogel, based in part, on the famed art collector Dorothy Vogel (of “ Herb and Dorothy Vogel”).

This piece is quite conceptual (for the record, the Vogels favored conceptual art), and experimental — more performance art/art songs than anything else. At the performance, most of the music will be pre-recorded, although vocals, guitar and certain percussion will be performed live.

One of the many themes we hope to incorporate into the experience of PRAYER, is the idea of the collective — the collective ego, the collective unconscious, the cosmic collective. I thought bringing ccMixter into the mix is a beautiful way to do that.

PATH OF GLASS is a refrain that will be repeated three times during the course of the performance. We would love to hear what you do with it! (I am still working on a version based on Doxent’s Minimal Bass which was the beat we relied on for the purpose of recording the pells and which you can hear a bit of as an additional file. If you incorporate into a remix please attribute Doxent accordingly.)

We will be presenting the remixes created for this piece as an interactive element at any performances or workshops we may conduct related to this work.

At this time, PRAYER is slated to be previewed in Los Angeles prior to being presented at the historic Good Shepard Chapel in Seattle, WA as part of The Garret Fisher Ensemble Guest Artist Series in February 2014.

Any remixes uploaded by the end of January will be included in the playlist that we will share everywhere.

I hope you will join us on this journey!

…and I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this project. Thanks.

Upload includes additional vocal stems not included in the preview mix.


by SackJo22 & Evelyn Stettin

a shattered mirror
the path of glass glistens
the shards are piercing

a shattered mirror
the path of glass glistens
broken reflections

a shattered mirror
the path of glass glistens
follow and listen

glass glistens
shattered reflections
broken path

sun glistens
on shattered shards
mirror reflections

shards glisten
broken path of reflections
pierced mirror

Contents of ZIP Archive: Dry Vox Stems Flac

  • /Sacko22 Vox2 Xtra - Whispers2.flac (7.17MB)
  • /Evelyn Stettin 1.flac (4.78MB)
  • /Evelyn Stettin Whispers.flac (5.29MB)
  • /Eveylyn Stettin 2.flac (4.79MB)
  • /SackJo22 Vox.flac (4.88MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Dry Vox Stems mp3

  • /SackJo22 Vox.mp3 (3.05MB)
  • /Sacko22 Vox2 Xtra - Whispers2.mp3 (2.93MB)
  • /Evelyn Stettin 1.mp3 (3.05MB)
  • /Evelyn Stettin Whispers.mp3 (3.05MB)
  • /Eveylyn Stettin 2.mp3 (3.05MB)

"Path of Glass (SackJo22 & Evelyn Stettin)"
by SackJo22

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