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...placements of sound sources (for example in his noted work gesang der j„ľnglinge), and with graphical notation. stockhausen sometime
...natune/view/contest/sources]magnatune sample pool[/url] somewhere in the amarok theme. singers and rappers are welcome to mention
...e and releasing the sources to his song "natchoongi" here at ccmixter for a [url=]remix contest[/url].
...f which are great resources. however, easy citations for jamendo are not available; the absence of this tool is a sad occurrence. i
ccmixter used as teaching resource see [url=]here[/url].
.../vieux/view/contest/sources]go get 'em[/url]. vs
...files/jcoulton/8021]sources are here[/url] (this is not an official ccmixter contest -- it's even better, it comes from the commu
willits remixes and digital_distortion some of the sources for the christopher willits contest have digital distortion in them. this was ...
christopher willits "colors shifting" remix contest the [url=]samples[/url] (attribution ...
fort minor remember the name raw studio tracks gone? the raw studio tracks are dead...
...t to use them. the sources range from ephemeral videos, to old time radio, television, movies, talk shows, interviews, etc. the sn
...natune/view/contest/sources#catalog]magnatune catalog listing[/url] but i've automated the process so we shouldn't fall too far behi
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