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review of 'diamond white' by 'loveshadow' i think you are inches from producing some really outstanding work.
...tastic job with the producing on this track - really made all the parts sing together. thanks again for taking the initiative to
...lad to see you up & producing. p
review of 'conditions for psychosis' by 'panu moon' hey, sd. good to see you up & producing again. in my humble opinion, this is your b...
...midnight oil lately producing the magic! multi-task!! bravo!! sweet track! [/i]
...this, i've seen you producing big quality tracks so i'm sure that what you will deliver them again in the next future, with some mor rather than just producing songs. therefore i consider a great man the one who does it.
...) but here you are, producing yet another affecting and effective mix. not surprising, given who's involved. la creme de la creme. x
...dard high again and producing some really original work around the available samples. onwards and upwards!
...t of it all you are producing some good music and this is another example.
review of 'higher ground' by 'thejoe' oh, beautiful! i know some people who are producing stuff like this. i will forward this to them... did not stop you producing a great tribute to your friend. sometimes we have to do what is right for ourselves and often this ca
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