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...though, in the end, producing a great track comes through trial and error (unless you're one of those lucky rich folk who end up att
...ely wrong! as to producing something from scratch isn't that what all good dogs do....or not!!
...nodding my head and producing some self made beatbox noises of silly sort. if tracks can cause this on me, there must be something
...of eminems style of producing tracks ... sounds almost like a d12 track. probably just an incidence but still sounds great.
... a time where i was producing some hiphop tracks i always thought on sort of this style. could never achieve it. but you did it so
...also would say that producing dance music is a very difficult thing that needs a lot of experience. you are so good in doing this st
...t a lot of time for producing it, it is fully worth it! my respect, madame!
...t is. if i were producing you i would keep this feel and just get a better balance on the theatre of the setting. now if you
...ntion- great job at producing a track which lingers in the memory; i know this will pop up in my head at unexpected moments in the f you are really producing some very fine sounds. i do feel i have a musical responsibilty to repeat to you that if you can ge
review of 'don't be afraid' by 'duckett' really gorgeous- from the playing, arranging, and producing, this gives the pella the intimate, ...
...s on guitar and cdk producing. this is a [b]treat[/b]. and those vocals djlang put up here long ago are used perfectly. lots of grea
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