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...ays was too slow in producing) this project is producing some very honest and personal work which i find quite refreshing and inspiring. beautiful stuff. tha
...r for making it and producing it! [up][/up]
...phere and sensation-producing sounds. (although i must admit i found the vocal to be somewhat eerie.)
...untry with whom i'm producing this song. so, soon i'll send you the link where you can hear it and give me your opinion about it. th
...e you're inspired & producing good tracks back to back.
...ful emotional track producing auditory excitement for the masses. ace [up][/up]
...ot scoring films or producing whatever... it still don't seem right. thanks for the time you spent on this. when you post
review of 'dub philosophy revisited' by 'cherrygollogoly' wow, what incredible mood producing music, i can still feel the chills, so harm...
...u're also taking to producing like a fish to water. when i compare some of your official past release catalog to what you've recentl
...iting and leave the producing, arranging & remixing to others--but this is damn good to me.
...of vox and sounds - producing a plateau of brilliant surreal music.....
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