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review of 'who am i' by 'thedice' that sounds wonderful. congratulations, you're very good at producing! and your drums are magnificent ....
...sensitivity of your producing ears! very great remix -- bravo!
...perfectly suited to producing this style. love it.
review of 'coastal surface' by 'rocavaco' you're producing excellent tracks faster than i can even download and hear them. wow!
...chor mejans's vox - producing a very powerfu, enjoyable track. i agree with jeris, more people have to listen to this!
...goes and the second producing this track the way it is.
...perimenting fxs and producing cross-genre music. i like it, i also understand why speck likes it!
...technical aspect of producing. it keeps on getting better [up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'ready to wake up (corrupted mix)' by 'admiral bob' very impressive. this project is producing some great results. the way it k...
...ying our styles and producing a crazy space baby! :) this soundscape fits right in with my dreams of space and the engineer. brillia
review of 'why?' by 'musikpirat' would you mind if i say, that it's a shame that you spent so much time in producing greate hip hop songs...
...241][/url] worth producing stuff with him (as long as it is cc)! thanks for the wonderful song and your beautiful voice!
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