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...ronics artfully and producing with so much skill, mr. soul, its incredible. i love what you do!
...a real relief after producing hours of straight dance music keep it up! :)
review of 'sleeping gods' by 'texasradiofish' [b][big][blue]marvelous![/blue] [/big][/b] great to hear leon producing quiet storm r&b r... always excels at producing fascination through contrast between a minimal modern straightforwardness in presentation and producti
review of 'a playful cat deformity' by 'radiotimes' great fun mix with a serious bit of producing that makes it something special.
review of 'i heart your brain' by 'murat ses' my favs producing on :) thanks for the good music !
review of 'breathe' by 'sackjo22' i love this track! you did an amazing job remixing/producing this song -- everything sounds so good. ...
review of 'the best damn heart' by 'clarence simpson' really great stuff here. i've been glad to hear you producing in all these differen...
... like daniel lanois producing laurie anderson! you should be giving us tips! great vocal additions and the guitar effects.
...from the start!) of producing and arranging, i will start a pilgrimage soon to the lago del garda! marvellous track (again!)[up][/u
review of 'trio (b)' by 'murat ses' fine package.. very useful for producing basics. anyway i will surely try something :)
... i appreciate you reproducing mine.
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