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... featuring porchcat delivering his own poetic rave. this represents the soul in dialog with the intellect, railing against life's vi
...tly song, i want to deliver to you, just one more time) ----------- bridge まだここであなたを待っています。
thoughts of you robert warrington does not only write great poetry but he delivers it in an incredibly emotive way. the great philosop...
...ers great words and delivery carry a timely reminder of mans failure when these events fall upon us ,media,remix,non_commercial,audi
...together the tracks delivered a richer drum sound and feel. added some open hihat hits. words by thedeepr [url=https://ccmixter.o
...tic yet unknown to deliver me in a wild dance to the soft darkness beyond --- zip files contains chopped samples from the so
flypaper rhapsody (steely dot mix) clever lyrics delivered in a smooth style. ran dumb dots: vocals djlang: background vocals ain't ... the words and delivery always go deeper than you expect and leave the listener all the better for it. i have been a bit sel
...words by zenboy and delivered brilliantly. ,media,remix,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,cbr,male_vocals,speaking_unashamedly,sax
...and i can have them delivered from time to time. and for midi files loops and virtual instruments the money is still enough as for a
...and i thought i had delivered an acoustic masterpiece. but when she says it, it's probably spaced out and snowflake sings very ameri my masterpiece i delivered today. my goddess just said that she is sick of me because she laughed so much today. and since ear
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