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Trio Supplication of the Soul

uploaded: Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 4:26 AM
FeaturingV. Melfi
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I was thrilled to be paired with Porchcat as my Secret Mixter assignment. He has consistently been “out-of-the-box”, a modus-operandi I like to explore.
I dusted off my cellos, my antique Cremona and my structurally altered, “Sawed-off” cello with its unique brutal sound.
My offering is titled “Trio Supplication of the Soul”. I arranged three short pieces to convey the idea of trials of the spirit. The first is ‘Rescue’, featuring the plaintive voice of Kaer Trouz - in which the soul calls out for rescue. The second is ‘Phantom’, featuring Porchcat delivering his own poetic rave. This represents the soul in dialog with the intellect, railing against life’s vicissitudes. Piece number three is ‘Resolution’. I perform the vocals with Victoria Melfi. The final has three words ” follow - dreams - prayer”. The opposition of the drums and the peaceful finale music seeks to underscore the tension of the soul’s yearnings.
There are a few seconds pause between the three segments. Seems like I got a lot into this 5 minute secret-sauce mix.

"Trio Supplication of the Soul"
by Anchor

2024 - Licensed under
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