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dope dick remix (feat. frank yola) i was blown away with frank's hypnotic delivery and really dug the sounds on malredeszik's chill remix...
... great words and delivery from rob that i have taken and rephrased for my purposes. ,lofi_summer,remix,media,non_commercial,audio
...the words and their delivery. it is what it is, ce la vie [i]and i rise from the fire and i take to the sky i will fight
...wonderful words and delivery ,media,remix,attribution,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,cbr,passion,male_vocals,female_vocals,indulging_unashamed
in way of explanation written by the admiral 11 years ago but still just wonderful words and delivery. i have rephrased here and there...
modern love ah, the late 60's... who could forget the experience of new sounds in rock music. fronz arp delivers us a laid-back vocal fro...
...drum track fit well delivering about the same rhythm as the neo-soul beat. unfortunately, the snare wires on bottom snare drum head
...ey're praying he'll deliver they see him, but they never see the gun that he's hiding two shots they hit the ground now no ones
...wonderful words and delivery by snowflake which i have taken the liberty of curtailing at the end and have left out a few sentences
midnight delivery remix of javolenus' [url=]7/4 improvvisazione[/url]. if someone wants the ...
...r 27 has just taken delivery of a new car. are we still equal in his eyes and mine? thanks again to javolenus who has contribu
...yway here's my song delivered warts and all, served with a topping of plenty of 80's adult contemporary cheddar - no mr bolton mulle
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