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Fri, Feb 5 6:13 AM wnm review of Gods And Gladiators by Speck
Hey,great! Any chance to get the (dry) vocal track? I have another idea I could...
Fri, Feb 5 6:10 AM wnm review of The second Idea (Duet) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice. Thanks for using the track!
Wed, Jan 27 6:24 AM wnm review of The Ghosts Are Here by CiggiBurns
Thanks for sharing this great idea and your lovely voice. I agree with all t...
Wed, Dec 30 1:10 AM wnm review of Maman Noël 2015 by Bluemillenium
Sympa ! Deuxième Noël sans ma maman Noël à moi, elle manque. Au plaisir d...
Sun, Dec 20 12:53 AM wnm review of Spitfire Attak by Stefan Kartenberg
Just fantastic. Radio ready!
Sat, Dec 19 12:20 PM wnm review of Total Breakdown by CSoul
Great track, very impressive!
Sat, Dec 19 12:15 PM wnm review of Not So Happy Holidays by unreal_dm
Fantastic. I don't recognize Kara's voice!
Sat, Dec 19 12:12 PM wnm review of So Long 2015 by Speck
Wow, congrats to both of you, great song! Interesting lyrics,Samsung S6 for me ...
Mon, Nov 2 4:55 AM wnm review of Heads Held High with urmymuse by timberman
Super l'ami, comme d'habitude !
Sun, Oct 4 6:49 AM wnm review of Supernatural by spinmeister
Love it, 5 stars
Sun, Sep 20 12:12 AM wnm review of Paint The Sky by MissJudged
One more fan here.
Wed, Aug 19 6:49 PM wnm review of Return by Stefan Kartenberg
Great work, really good. Only one nit, I had the same problem. Susan's voice i...
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