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Reviews left by wellman

Mon, Mar 28 12:14 PM wellman review of Amazing Grace (Cape Breton Highlands version) by Admiral Bob
Really cool man! You should upload your vocals alone ! Excellent!
Mon, Mar 28 6:59 AM wellman review of you! (na-na-na-na) by DoKashiteru
Really great work guys!
Sun, Mar 27 7:53 AM wellman review of Don't Want You Back by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Really clever man! I like it!
Sun, Mar 27 7:49 AM wellman review of Dear Mr Williams by bigbonobo
Really nice!
Sat, Mar 26 2:39 PM wellman review of Not like that by Carosone
Amazing!!!!! A top 10 in any radio station!
Sat, Mar 26 2:24 PM wellman review of FEXTING by daniloprates
Cool and funny and a very clever arrange!
Sat, Mar 26 2:18 PM wellman review of Bustin Out by Benjamin Orth
REally nice man I did enjoy it!
Sat, Mar 26 1:50 PM wellman review of Unnamed #5 (shockshadow house remix) by shockshadow
Great! I like the vibe of this remix! Very well done!
Sat, Jan 1 8:47 AM wellman review of I'll wait by Geert Veneklaas
Awesome man! I really like the arrange and the mix...That cello still is in my h...
Sat, Jan 1 8:42 AM wellman review of Sugar Look by Scott Altham
Awesome!!! Happy new year!
Mon, Sep 13 3:33 PM wellman review of Forever (strech mix) by cdk
Really good man! What I like the most is the vox treatment... I really enjoyed t...
Mon, Aug 30 9:25 AM wellman review of Oh Come Thee Down (Phantom mix) by tacet
Just one nag... it was too short! Great job man...
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