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Don't Want You Back

uploaded: Sun, Mar 27, 2011 @ 1:44 AM last modified: Sun, Mar 27, 2011 @ 1:45 AM  (add)
byHEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
FeaturingJ.Lang, Andrasf, Jacinda Espinosa, and Zapac
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This is my secret-mixter entry where I had to remix J.Lang.

*COFFEEEUROPE’s Vocals for ‘Don’t Want You Back’ are here attached as well*


How do I feel about participating on the Secret Mixter, and what was it like remixing J.lang?

The Secret Mixter, just like Ccmixter is a work of love - what more can I say? So many souls pouring into one pot just to be poured and mixed - Now that’s just sexy!

J.Lang? How lucky am I? Seriously! When I got his name, I literally grinned [lol] I knew I had material to do some real damage now! The dude and his buds are the hippest in town. I’ve always loved his productions, and have also mixed him before. He delivers the type of Hip-hop/soul that simply rocks! Or hops? ;-) Really hope he in particular likes this track.

How did I make the song?

First decided that I would remix J.lang’s first Acapella upload on ccmixter; you know - to make it special! [hehe] Then found Andrasf’s devilishly banging mix of Jacinda Espinosa’s gooooooorgeous vocal “Kyrie Eleison”, which together gave the “Tim Burtonian” type-hip-hop taste to my ears. To soften it up, yes a little less creepy, a little less hardcore, a little loopier, I recorded a kick-back-type-hook with my own vocals. Then it was cutting and mixing time!

What inspired the song?

Well it was fate that I got to remix J.lang, who writes a lot about heartbreak; because I am going through it at the moment. Even though the situation in his song and mine are nothing alike [there was no cheating or abuse], I did find the emotion in which he expresses himself to be similar to the way I feel. One does want him or her back, and loves them, but the hurt of appreciation that is dear being spoiled, makes you default into defend mechanism… type-thing. So yeah… that is the sad part of the deal.

The rest of the inspiration was tracks by The Fugees, Tupac, and the casual hip-hop meets chill out flagships out there. And last but not least, the artists themselves. This one is for them! Enjoy!

P.S. As always is fun playing again with the ccmixter kidz [that includes me ;-)]

::Lyrics for COFFEEEUROPE’s Vocals::

Don’t Want You Back
Written & performed by COFFEEEUROPE

Yah! Don’t Want you back…
What’s gone is gone.
Don’t Want you back…

…because she doesn’t know
How much I love her;
She doesn’t know…

She doesn’t know
How much I’ll need her;
She doesn’t know…

…doesn’t know
That love or not,
Lonely tears, porn, and rum,
Drown that nonesense
‘Till the fool is gone.

Don’t want you back.

"Don't Want You Back"
by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)

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