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Thu, Feb 29 5:57 AM sparky review of GLASSHEART by Siobhan Dakay
Beautifully done πŸ‘Œ
Thu, Aug 24 12:38 AM sparky review of Trade Winds by mykleanthony
Moving words, beautifully sung. Great track πŸ‘Œ
Mon, Aug 7 12:33 PM sparky review of Separate but Related by SackJo22
Lovely groove to this one! Very slick
Sun, Aug 6 11:18 PM sparky review of MIND FLOW by Ant.Survila
Beautifully done! A very tasteful arrangement and wonderful production πŸ‘Œ I ...
Sun, Aug 6 9:43 AM sparky review of reflect ft airtone by Apoxode
So many engaging sounds in this chilled out track. Great job!
Sun, Aug 6 9:41 AM sparky review of I've Been Loving You by Darkroom
Very tastefully done. Loads of space left to let the track breathe πŸ‘Œ
Sun, Aug 6 9:32 AM sparky review of Amplify the Light (Coherence Remix) by Ben Blohowiak
A huge sounding production! Amazing job
Sun, Aug 6 9:25 AM sparky review of Parallel Pathways by Snowflake
Great collaboration! Sounds h u u g e
Sun, Aug 6 9:13 AM sparky review of Waste Sound by Wiseman
Dark, immersive. Love it.
Sun, Aug 6 9:08 AM sparky review of Unfed by Kara Square
Reminds me of Mike Patton
Sun, Aug 6 4:06 AM sparky review of The Light Shines by 7OOP3D
Lovely stuff πŸ‘ŒI like how it morphs between moods
Thu, Aug 3 1:12 PM sparky review of Kiss of Hope by texasradiofish
Love a good farty bass sound like that πŸ˜€
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