Fri, Sep 28 7:17 AM Help :: "What about original material?"
Very informative! I learned so much from it especially about original works.
Fri, Sep 28 7:15 AM Help :: If I were a subjunctive clause
Thank you Susan for answering. It also helps me a lot. I also wanna learn remixi...
Fri, Sep 28 7:12 AM Help :: "Can I use your music in my movie/video/film??"
I wanna try it but I will just first read the license. It looks so serious.
Fri, Sep 28 7:10 AM Help :: Everything You Can Do and See at ccMixter
That is amazing CCmixter! I wanna explore more of it sometime. Maybe I will just...
Fri, Sep 28 6:59 AM Help :: "How Do I Upload Multiple Files to a Project?"
That is very useful thread. I really like to see post like that, so cool and ver...
Fri, Sep 28 6:57 AM Features :: Private playlists
Yup! I also think it would be useful if we all have hidden playlist, I think tha...
Fri, Sep 28 6:56 AM Features :: Why doesn't the Samples Browser have a simple play button?
I think that is really what will sample browser will do. It will just have a sim...
Fri, Sep 28 6:53 AM Features :: Valentine's Day Tags
Love is all around! Let us be creative like what you have said. Good tags anyway...
Fri, Sep 28 6:52 AM Features :: ccMixter iPhone App now on AppStore
That is pretty cool! And I wondering how iphone App for ccMixter doing.
Fri, Sep 28 6:40 AM Parts Wanted :: Occupy News reads
I understand what you need but I think you have to ask professionals for that. I...
Fri, Sep 28 6:38 AM Parts Wanted :: Looking for female vocalist for trip hop project
If only I have good voice :) But I definitely love singing and music.
Fri, Sep 28 6:36 AM Parts Wanted :: Remixing Video?
I am myself is so much interested in remixing video and I sometimes do it in mov...
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