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Fri, Apr 10 5:42 AM shimoda review of Just Got You. by Loveshadow
How do you do it so always? As always, when I see Loveshadow, I know it's gonna...
Sun, Apr 5 6:16 AM shimoda review of Yesterday Rise by My Free Mickey
This is like stepping back to Bauhaus just fantastic!
Sun, Apr 5 6:15 AM shimoda review of Modern Love by Jeris
This is so much fun, when do we tour? I’d totally be in this band!
Wed, Jan 15 12:07 PM shimoda review of Glowing Mints by Apoxode
Had to like this right from the top. What a chill, but subtly evolving low jam ...
Sun, Nov 24 6:51 PM shimoda review of Coast Starlight (Shimoda Shuffle) by spinningmerkaba
This was a ton of fun to listen to, really feeling an old and rare role as a bac...
Sun, Nov 24 6:49 PM shimoda review of White In The Moon** The other Side Of The Moon Remix by J.Lang
So wonderfully inviting, this meandering line that just, pulls, tugs a bit.
Wed, Nov 20 7:19 PM shimoda review of Toroidal Waterfall (BrioTrioMix) by duckett
Can't believe I never noticed this remix before. This is quite amazing and I'm ...
Mon, Sep 2 5:35 PM shimoda review of Decisions by Mana Junkie
This is so much jungle and joy punched together. It pulled me into this place, l...
Mon, Aug 12 1:51 PM shimoda review of Trance is... (Ambient Cinematic Trance) by Whitewolf
This has such a complete feel to it. Tells a story without chapters. Someone e...
Mon, Aug 12 1:44 PM shimoda review of Shine Through (ReDucktion Mix) by duckett
Whereas I might duckett and cover thinking about trying to do justice to anyone'...
Sun, Aug 11 8:36 AM shimoda review of the lips of god by urmymuse
Like this a lot. Vocals aren't always easy to work with but you make it sound p...
Sun, Aug 11 8:03 AM shimoda review of Blind Love (Gypsy Dub) by ScOmBer
What a great and creative and timely piece!
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